Course Streetmap

When you arrive on Video Production World (VPW) you will land at the Welcome Booth.

A video will begin to play to give you a clear sense of what is on the Island. It will walk you through the various learning opportunities that are available.

You will also see our WayFinder. It is a map of the Island that allows you to highlight an area, so you can find your way there! Just click a location on the left, and the area will highlight on the map to the right.

In the TV Studio after taking your seat, you observe an interview TV show taping, in action, with a guest who is being interviewed about Tips and Techniques for Interviewing. You can participate by assuming the role as Director, switching the cameras!

The Amphitheatre will give you access to training by various instructors on subjects related to the production of Corporate Video. The Course is “Producing a Corporate Video – Fast Track Edition.” You will find selections on Discovery, Conceptualization, Budgeting, Pre-Production, Scheduling, Production, Post Production and Editing, and Final Media Delivery Methods. You will find all the information you need to produce a polished production whether you are producing it yourself or been tasked with hiring a production team.

In the Indoor Lighting Pavilion you will learn about three point lighting. You will learn about each of the lights needed in a corporate video shoot, what they do, and why they are needed. You will also be asked to complete an assignment at the end of the exercise.

You will learn how to tame the sun in the Outdoor Lighting area. Items such as scrims and reflectors are taught, and after operating the reflector and the scrim and taking a photo of the final result, you will email your resulting Snapshot to

Across the way is the Camera Support Corral, where you will be introduced to the use of dollies and stabilizers. There is a 10 foot Boom and a 20 foot Boom on display, ready to be loaded with a camera of your choice. Your assignment then is to find the right amount of weight to counter balance the camera you chose. The goal is to achieve proper balance. Try it with all three cameras!

On the other side of the corral is a dolly on a track. The actor paces slowly back and forth. Your assignment is to either be the Grip or the Camera Operator. As the Grip, you will control the pull of the dolly to keep pace with the actor, as the camera automatically tracks the actor. You can also choose to be the Camera Operator, controlling both the pan and tilt of the camera to keep the subject framed properly, as the dolly auto-tracks the actor.

The Beach Area is behind the Indoor and Outdoor Lighting areas. This is the last place where a Snapshot is required. It is lighting with the golden setting sun as your main source of light. A reflector is at your disposal to fill in. Submit the Snapshot, as with all the rest, to

On the other side of the island is the Mountain area. It is an interesting out-of-the-way place, and a Snapshot from there brings bonus points!

Networking - At The Focus Lounge you will be able to meet other learners and discuss your projects. This is our local watering hole. Networking opportunities about on the Island. Meeting your fellow learners and understanding what they are working on and how they are doing it will advance both learners. If you don’t care to discuss your projects you will be given an opportunity to use suggested topics that will be changing on a regular basis. Not a bar person? You are welcome to meet other learners and have a chat at the Fireside area.

Two areas, the Chapel, and the Gift Shop, are still under construction, and will be completed in the spring or summer of 2016. The Church will have different ethnic ceremonies to choose from, each with their own unique filming positions and customary shots. The Gift Shop will have many resources available, from articles to books, videos, and related items and courses, and will be an ever-evolving source of information.

Thank you for visiting us at Video Production World. Your participation and feedback will help make this type of learning as realistic an approach as possible to learning video production techniques virtually.

All feedback is appreciated. Email your thoughts and comments to

Thank you and enjoy!